I International Conference on English Linguistics in the 21st Century

Challenges and Opportunities

The importance of English linguistics in contemporary society is undeniable, especially in a rapidly changing world due to the rise of information technologies. English has consolidated as the global lingua franca, used both in the digital realm where interactions and information flow at a rapid pace, and in international communication and business.

In the information age, English has become the language of technology, science, research, and innovation. Most scientific and technological advancements are documented in English, making it an essential resource for those seeking to stay updated. English has significantly contributed to the progress of modern societies as global scientific and technological communities use it as a medium to collaborate and share knowledge.

Furthermore, with the rise of AI and automation, technologies like ChatGPT have emphasized the importance of English even more. Machine learning models primarily trained on English data are utilized in these natural language processing platforms. This demonstrates that English is crucial not only for communication among people but also as the foundational language driving interactions between humans and technology.

In a world undergoing constant change, English linguistics cannot be, and is not, detached from social transformation. Hence, this conference seeks participants who can contribute to various fields of English linguistics concerning advances in teaching, research, and applications that have been developing regarding English in recent years.

With this goal in mind, we aim to showcase our research, and the conference’s contents will be publicly and openly accessible. Participation in the symposiums will take place virtually and asynchronously, and proposals can be submitted in either English or Spanish.


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