Editing rules

Guidelines to follow for writing the final text of the presentation

  • See the dates and deadlines section of this website for the deadline for sending the final text. We remind you that this date cannot be extended. If you have doubts about how to send said text, please consult the delivery of final texts section.
  • You have a mandatory usage style template in Word format that you must use to edit the text. It is necessary to edit it with the Microsoft Word program (a local version) since the template contains internal metadata so that the platform identifies the documents. We recommend replacing the example texts with your own, respecting and using the proposed styles ( see how styles are applied in word). This will facilitate all subsequent layout work by the organization. We have detected cases of incompatibility when sending texts edited with Microsoft Word MAC version / online version, try to use a local version of Word for Windows whenever possible.
  • The length of the originals, including all sections, will be around 4000-6000 words. Bibliography, footers, tables and graphs will not be counted in this amount.
  • This text will not include a summary or keywords.
  • You can modify the title of the final text with respect to the title of the defended paper. Under no circumstances may the contents or object of the investigation be modified.
  • The structure of the text should be articulated as follows: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Discussion, Results, Conclusions and Bibliography. You can partially modify the proposed structure if the nature of your research requires it, although we recommend the minimum possible modifications.
  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the platform is 10 Mb. If your document is larger, check the resolution of the images (100 dpi is sufficient for a digital edition).
  • Check in the dates and deadlines section of this website, the planned date of publication of the collective book and the minutes of the congress, as well as the date of availability of the certificate of participation in the collective book of chapters.


Download style template



Sending proposals for publication as book chapters implies acceptance and compliance with their standards and delivery times.

The Scientific Committee will reject and, therefore, will not be published (informing those affected), the proposals that:

  • do not meet the length requirements (4000-6000 words)
  • do not follow the structure and formal aspects of the template provided on the website.
  • do not meet delivery deadlines
  • suppose total or partial plagiarism from other publications. For this, various specific anti-plagiarism tools will be used, setting reasonable margins and analyzing cases that exceed these margins


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