Participation as an attendee (Certificate of attendance)

This congress offers the possibility of attending free of charge to all those who wish to do so. Therefore, in the spirit of sharing knowledge and guaranteeing the transfer of results, all content (video defenses in symposiums, plenary activities and future publications) will be freely accessible, with no need to register on the platform to access to them.

However, those who wish to obtain a certificate of attendance will need to register on the platform as a NON-SIGNING congressman in any presentation.” The price of This modality is €30. People who take advantage of this option will not have to present any presentation, only attend during the development of the Congress, accessing the platform with the corresponding credentials and formalizing at least 4 questions to 4 different presentations from anyone of the congress symposia

24/48 hours after the end of the congress, the Organization will verify the access with credentials of the interested parties and the formulation of the 4 questions (at least) to subsequently issue their official certificate of participation.

Participants registered as assistants (NON SIGNATURE, €30) WILL NOT be able to sign any presentation. These are different registration modalities with different obligations and academic repercussions.


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